Simple Boho Makeover

I'm a firm believer of working with what you've got. Some finishes suit certain types of furniture better than others and Stag Minstrel is no exception. I find simple finishes work better with this kind of furniture - it's classic clean lines and timeless appeal. BUT simple doesn't have to mean boring!!

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Product list:

White Lightning

Scarlet Brush

Serenity - Silk Mineral Paint

Silkscreen Stencil - Botanical

Best Dang Wax Brown

Big Mamas Butta

La Petite Brush

Wooden Handles

Nothing to see here except a drab little chest of drawers taken at a wonky angle! At this stage I had already taken the original handles off and given it a good clean with White Lightning.

Next out came the Festool for a blast! I scuff sanded all over using 120 grit sand paper.

I sanded the smaller three drawers back to the raw wood. 

Using the Scarlet Brush I painted two coats of Serenity Silk Mineral Paint over the drawers except the drawer fronts I had previously sanded back to raw wood. Silk Mineral Paint has a built in stain blocking primer and a built in top coat so no primer needed for this project! Once your first coat has been applied make sure you leave between 2-4 hours before the applying the second coat. Use long smooth brush strokes to ensure a brush stroke free finish.

I used the Botanical Silkscreen over the raw wood drawer fronts with the same colour paint. Silkscreen stencils are slightly different to normal stencils as they have a thin mesh in the negative space and have a self adhesive backing which allows you to create super detailed and crisp patterns. You can apply the paint with either a stencil brush, sponge or the squeegie tool which comes in the pack - this is the tool I'm using in the above picture. 


Once the paintwork from the stencil was completely dry, I applied some Best Dang wax in Brown with a cloth over the front. I wanted to make the wood underneath the stencil slightly darker. I wiped the excess off with a baby wipe. As Silk Mineral Paint has a built in top coat, it doesn't absorb the brown wax as the Chalk Mineral Paint would. If you wanted to achieve this look with Chalk Mineral Paint, a layer of Best Dang Wax in Clear would solve this!

Next I attached these rather lovely wooden handles. These are the reason for using the Best Dang Wax in the previous step  - I wanted the tones of the wood to be as similar as possible. 

I used Big Mamas Butta in Orange Grove (my fave!) with the La Petite Brush to nourish the drawer sides and inners and to give them a gorgeous fresh scent.

Below is the finished piece and some close ups. I hope you'll agree this simple makeover suits this piece perfectly!

Con x

stag minstrel chest of drawers painted blue

Stag Minstrel chest of drawers painted bluestag minstrel chest of drawers painted blue


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