Rustic Whitewash Sideboard

This rough sawn sideboard was already rustic in style but I wanted to give it a more modern and trendy vibe - read on to find out how!

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Product list:

White Lightning

No Pain Gel Stain - Picklin' White

Flat Clear Coat

Applicator Pads

Flat Large Synthetic Brush


Here's the before shot - it was love at first sight! It's chunky, rustic and very VERY heavy! I loved the rough sawn finish but felt it could do with modernising and making more trendy.

As always, the first job is to give the piece a good clean with White Lighting. This piece had a strong smell of polish so a thorough clean ensured this was all removed. 

Next I gave the sideboard a sand with a 60 grit sandpaper all over to remove the varnished finish so that the No Pain Gel Stain would be absorbed into the grain. No Pain Gel Stain can be used over a varnished surface BUT the effect I wanted on this piece was for it to be absorbed into the grain for a whitewash effect. 

I popped some gloves on to apply the stain as No Pain Gel Stain is an oil based product and is stubborn to remove!

I cut an applicator pad in half (it fits in my hand better plus you get more use from them!) and applied the stain to the sideboard, making sure it was worked into the deep wood grain. 

I used a small artists brush to access the nooks and crannies and to apply the stain into the really deep wood grain areas.

Once it was worked into the wood grain, I made sure the coverage was consistent by running the applicator pad over the surface in the direction of the grain - giving an even finish. 

No Pain Gel Stain has a longer drying time than some other products because it is oil based. I allowed this to dry over a weekend with a heater on in my workshop before using my sander with a 120 grit paper to remove the No Pain Gel Stain from the raised areas - this left the white stain sitting in the low areas of the grain giving a whitewash effect. 

Finally I used a Flat Large Synthetic brush to apply Flat Clear Coat for extra durability and a modern matte finish.

Below are a couple of close ups where you can see the variation in tone of the wood plus the final staged shot. Hope you like this effect!

Con x

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