Pine Drawers Makeover

I love a bit of solid pine. It lends itself so well to multiple finishes! I went for a fairly simple finish on this piece but with a colour I've been dying to use on it's own for aaaages!

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Product list:

White Spirits

Wire Wool

Blue Shop Cloth

White Lightning


Sanding Pads

Mermaid Tail Chalk Mineral Paint

Best Dang Wax Clear

Best Dang Wax Brown

Dish Sponge

Best Dang Brush

Synthetic Mini Brush

Decorative Cast Iron Cup Handles

Here's the before shot of the pine drawers. They're in brilliant condition and very solid with dovetail joints. All the things I love about furniture except for one thing...they're waxed....NOOOOOO!!!!

You cannot paint over waxed finishes - the only exception to this is if you've used Best Dang Wax from Dixie Belle as this is a water based product and not oil based like most other waxes. This means that there is an extra prep step to take BEFORE you can start cleaning.  


These are the products you'll need to remove wax. You can also use a scraper if the wax you're removing is thick. 

Pour some white spirits onto the surface of your project, rub with wire wool and remove with a rag or shop cloth. This can take time and elbow grease but is well worth it! 

These are the same drawers but with the wax completely removed. The next step is to clean with White Lightning. This would ordinarily be your first step with most other finishes but the wax has to be removed before cleaning in the case of waxed pieces. 

Once the drawers were cleaned inside and out, I applied two coats of grey BOSS with a roller. Pine is prone to bleed through and the knots in pine especially prone so it's always a good idea to use BOSS if you're going to be using a lighter toned colour. I also sanded the BOSS between coats to remove any texture build up and ensure a smooth finish.

Next is the fun part!! I have wanted to use this colour for so long - in fact, it was one of the first colours I was drawn to when Dixie Belle first arrived in the UK. I applied two coats of Mermaid Tail with a Mini brush. I used my mister bottle with water in for a smooth, brush stroke free finish.

Next I distressed around the drawer edges with one of my old sanding pads from my Festool Sander. 

I applied a coat of Best Dang Wax in Clear with a dish sponge all over the drawers to seal the paint. 

I used The Best Dang Brush with Best Dang Wax in Brown around the drawer edges and corners for some subtle shading.

Decorative cast iron cup handles were added.

Below is the finished chest of drawers! I hope this has helped in your painting projects!

Con x




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