Industrial Concrete Effect Makeover

Can you create the impression of texture with Silk Paint?? Yes you can! Read on to find out how.

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Product list:

Pristine Clean

Black Sands Silk Mineral Paint

Wharf Silk Mineral Paint

Best Dang Wax White

Synthetic Brush

Best Dang Brush

Finishing Pad

Black Card Holder Handles


Here's how this piece started out. Just a plain, modern pine piece. 

First job was to remove those dated handles...enter my very helpful assistant. Then we cleaned with Pristine Clean, rinsed and scuff sanded to prep the piece.

Next I used a synthetic brush to apply one coat of Black Sands.

When the base coat of Black Sands was dry, I applied a coat of Wharf in a criss cross motion over the Black Sands. I deliberately didn't load my brush as much as usual to leave areas of the Black Sands appearing through the Wharf - similar to a dry brushing technique. I built the coverage up slowly until I had the effecr I was aiming to achieve.

I allowed the paint to dry for 24 hours (Silk paint can be recoated in 2-4 hours but to apply any decorative effects such as a wax or an additional top coat, I always allow 24 hours drying time) then applied Best Dang Wax in White with The Best Dang Brush in a swirling motion. Because the Silk Paint has a built in top coat, I did not need to apply clear wax first. I buffed the wax with a finishing pad after 20 mins to remove the excess. New handles were attached to complete the industrial look complete with white card inserts to make the grey finish pop. 

Below is the finished piece with some close ups. I hope this has inspired you to create the illusion of texture with Silk Paint!

Con x


Debra De witt

Beautiful! Just wondering where you got the pine dresser. Was it unfinished?

Cheryl Atkinson

I love this look. You didn’t say you used black wax so I guess that is the Black Sands outlining the drawers. I haven’t tried the Silk line yet but these will be my first 2 colors to use. Thank you for your inspiration.

Peggy Gaynor

As usual…love this! Thanks for educating me


This is gorgeous, I’m inspired.


This is one of my favorite pieces so far Connie so beautiful

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