How to Paint Wash Furniture Using Black Chalk Mineral Paint

This is such an easy but effective technique and only uses a couple of products!

There is a video at the bottom of this blog post if you'd rather watch the process!

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Product list:

White Lightning

Caviar Chalk Mineral Paint

Howdy Do Hemp Oil

Mini Synthetic Brush

Premium Chip Brush

Microfibre Cloths

Shop Cloth


This is how this small sideboard started out! 

It was cleaned all over with Dixie Belle's White Lightning then scuff sanded.


I wiped down the piece with a microfibre cloth to remove the dust from sanding then mixed some Caviar Chalk Mineral Paint with water to make a watered down version of the paint. I applied this 'paint wash' all over the piece. 

Once the first coat was dry, I applied a second coat to intensify the colour. This technique is buildable so you can add as many or as little layers of paint wash as you require until you have the desired effect. I only used two in this case.

I let the second coat dry overnight then used Howdy Do Hemp Oil with a premium chip brush to seal the paint. 

Hemp Oil dries to a matte finish but adds a lustre and depth to dark colours. It seals and protects the paint and is also water resistant once cured which takes 30 days. 

Once the Hemp Oil had been applied, I removed the excess with a microfibre cloth. When Hemp Oil is applied on a porous surface, the oil will only penetrate as much as the surface will absorb. The rest will be left on top. This is excess and needs removing otherwise it will dry patchy and look uneven. You may need to do a couple of passes with a microfibre cloth after a couple of hours or even overnight. Just keep checking it for the first 24 hours after its been applied and if there is any pooling of oil or spots where the oil is more prominent then just wipe over with a microfibre cloth to achieve an even finish. 

I put the original handles back on as they really suited the piece and were in great condition and it's done! How simple is that? I hope you like this simple but effective technique,

Con x

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