Custom Coral Makeover

Aside from my favourite colour which is green, I love painting in pink. Read on to find out how I mixed a custom coral colour with Dixie Belle Paint.

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Product list:

White Lightning

Rusty Nail

Coffee Bean



Best Dang Brush

Premium Chip Brush

Synthetic Brush

Best Dang Wax Clear

Best Dang Wax Brown

Deep Sea Silk Paint

Here's the before shot _ I had already taken the handles off at this point. I cleaned with White Lightning and scuff sanded the entire piece.

I decided on a base colour of Rusty Nail. I had previously applied a coat of grey BOSS (you can just see it at the bottom of the pic) as oak is prone to bleed through issues.

I added some Coffee Bean in areas whilst the Rusty Nail was still wet. 

I then used a Best Dang Brush in a stippling motion to roughly blend the two colours together. 

Here's a close up of the mottled effect. I wanted to create this as a base layer so that it wasn't too flat and one dimensional. I planned on distressing the top layer of paint so wanted some areas of the base layer to peep through.

Here's the completed base layer. I mainly concentrated the Coffee Bean 'shading' around the drawer sides, corners and edges. Although this wasn't my final finish or colour I actually quite like the effect (I did note that down for future use!)

Here's my colour mix. It's a 50:50 mix of Terracotta and Flamingo. Its created this gorgeous salmon pink/coral colour and I LOVE it!

I used an old White Lightning tub (make sure you wash well first) to keep my custom mix of paint. I applied it with a dry premium chip brush without the use of water and left some of the base coat showing in areas. This shot shows it best - you can see how the edge is darker. That's the base coat peeping through. I almost dry brushed over areas to get different thicknesses paint to achieve a tonal look. 

Here's how it looked after two coats of the coral mix. I always remove drawers to paint to ensure clean edges, no drips or sticking. 

Whilst the drawers were out I decided to paint the insides. I usually only do this is they are badly stained or marked which these were. I had already cleaned them when prepping my piece and they were raw wood so didn't feel the need to scuff sand which you usually do with Silk Paint. I applied two coats of Deep Sea which is a dark blue with a synthetic brush. The amazing thing about Silk is that it has built in top coat and is really tough and durable. So once it was dry, the drawers were ready to go back in - no need to top coat!

I used a combination of Best Dang Wax in Clear and Brown to seal the paint and add some age and depth to the piece. If you want to see how I apply brown wax, I have a YouTube video you can view here.


I styled the pieces with some flowers out of my garden and a rustic picture frame - it gave me some autumnal vibes! There's a couple of close up pictures too. I hope you found the blog useful to create your own mix of colours or have a go with TERRA-MINGO yourself!

Con x



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