Bohemian Mustard Cabinet

As soon as I clapped eyes on this transfer I knew I would love it. I just had to wait for the right piece...

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Product list:

Latin Floral Transfer

White Lightning

Colonel Mustard Chalk Mineral Paint

Holy Guacamole Chalk Mineral Paint

Salt Water Silk All In One Mineral Paint 

Peony Chalk Mineral Paint

Voodoo Gel Stain White Magic

Best Dang Wax Clear

Best Dang Wax Brown

Flat Clear Coat

Premium Chip Brush

La Petite Brush

Synthetic Brushes

Here’s the before shot of this handmade cabinet - its rustic and full of character so I’m going to fully embrace that! 

The first job as always is to give it a good clean with White Lightning. 

White Lightning is a granulated cleaner which you add to water. I use warm water in a bucket and add the White Lightning to it. I usually use a microfibre cloth or sometimes a dish sponge with a scourer pad. 

You can see how the dirty the water is after cleaning and this is why it’s so important to not skip this step. Once clean, I rinsed with clean, warm water and a clean microfibre cloth to remove any White Lightning residue. 

Next, out came the Festool sander and I gave it a quick sanding. 

Then masked the glass off. 

I knew I wanted the inside to be white and although using Silk, I added a couple of coats of BOSS stain blocking primer first. 

For the outside I chose Colonel Mustard. I didn’t use BOSS on the outside as I wanted to age the piece using lots of brown wax so wasn’t concerned about bleed through. 

I used Salt Water from the Silk line for the interior.

I applied the Latin Floral transfer to the interior back of the cabinet and sealed with two coats of Flat Clear Coat.

I used Voodoo Gel Stain in White Magic with an Applicator Pad to tone the colours of the transfer down to give a softer, washed effect which is in keeping with the rest of the cabinet. 

I added some off cuts of the Latin Floral Transfer to the drawer sides and repeated the step above. 

I put a wash of Holy Guacamole over the Colonel Mustard for some tonal colour variation...

...then dry brushed Colonel Mustard back over the top to give the impression of worn, layered paint.

I decided on a pop of colour for the drawer interior. I chose Peony Chalk Mineral Paint as there are some bits of hot pink in the transfer design so I thought this would tie in nicely. 

I used a sharp blade to distress the edges inside and out. 

Next I added a layer of Best Dang Wax in Clear over the entire piece. Even though the interior was painted in Silk which has a built in top coat, the transfer and the Voodoo Gel Stain still required sealing.

I used a Premium Chip Brush to apply Best Dang Wax in Brown for an aged effect.

I created a short video on my YouTube Channel which shows this technique - you can find it right at the bottom of this blog post!


I removed the excess brown wax with a dish sponge.

Then I added a small amount of clear wax to a clean shop cloth and used it as an erasure for some highlights. This removes the brown completely. You can erase Best Dang Wax in all colours with a damp rag or a baby wipe as the wax is water based.

Below is a shot of the completed piece and some close ups. I hope you like it and have found this blog post useful!

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Marie-Julie Michaud

This is “chef d’oeuvre”!

Thank you for the inspiration and the good tips!

MJ, from Montréal, Canada ☃️

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